Car travel with pets

When you get ready for a fun trip, it's always great to bring the entire family along including your pets. Sometimes your pets will absolutely hate to travel, and other times traveling with you in the car is one of your pet's "favorite things". It all comes down to good preparation if you will be taking your pet with you on your next car trip.

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Car travel with pets

Going on a road trip and taking your pet with you? Your dog will love you, you cat, however, will not be as appreciative. We love traveling with pets, don't we? When we're traveling by car with pets, it seems so much easier than leaving them behind - with a pet sitter, with neighbors, or in a costly kennel.

When traveling with your pets, if you have to leave them in the car, even for a few minutes, be sure to have plenty of food and water. Never leave your pet in the car when it is hot. Cars heat up very quickly, even with the windows open.

Of course, you should check to see that your pet's license and rabies tag are up to date, and in some cases when crossing state lines, it may be necessary to visit the vet for a quick health check. Also remember to grab their food, water and food dishes, favorite blanket, chew toy and brush prior to leaving.

Here are five helpful hints on traveling by car with pets:

1. To get your dog or cat accustomed to traveling by car, take a few short trips beginning a few weeks before you hit the road. This will let them get used to car travel.

2. You should teach your dog or cat to lie quietly in the front or rear seats when traveling with pets. One very helpful hint is to keep your windows closed to prevent your pet from sticking its head in the wind, which can cause eye problems and endanger your pet to bypassing vehicles and foliage.

3. Try a folding kennel, carrier or crate to help your dog or cat adjust easily to traveling by car with pets and give it a safe refuge on the road. After all, traveling with pets is hard enough; you don't want a scared pet scratching at you, too.

4. Get your pet used to being on a leash and harness in the car. Some of these devices for traveling with pets now let you connect them to a seat belt to enable some movement but keeping your pet restrained, in case a door opens and someone forgets to grab the leash.

5. Make a reservation at a pet-friendly hotel before you leave home. Many hotel chains now accept pets -- for a small surcharge -- to accommodate all the people like you who love traveling by car with pets.

Pet Health Tips

Have food and plenty of water available for your pet when traveling by car.

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