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Our cat Gus suffers from feline asthma. Gus's asthma flares up in the fall and is usually very severe in the spring. We are always looking into the best way to control his outbreaks. Right now his asthma is under control with a new treatment plan. If you feel that your cat may be suffering from asthma, consult a vet immediately. Compare Pet Plans

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What you need to know about cat health insurance

As a pet lover, no question is too trivial when it comes to keeping your pets safe and healthy. Pet health problem prevention is what to strive for, and understanding pet cat health insurance promotes your pets active lifestyle.

Cats induce enthusiasm among their owners, many of whom are now taking the opportunity to purchase pet insurance. Whether your cat is a senior pet or just a kitten, pet cat health insurance helps reimburse the cost of medical and veterinary expenditures and are part of promoting natural pet health. Cats might not need veterinary services as frequently as dogs, but they can still become a fiscal wet blanket. Contemplate covering your kitty. Quotes for cat health insurance are easy to obtain, and the policies are varied and affordable.

What is cat health insurance?

Health insurance for cats is medical insurance that's intended specifically for cats. Usually, it works like other types of medical insurance, with premiums and deductibles. Some plans also have co-pays and cap limits on how much can be paid out annually. Coverage can be tailored for different types of cats, depending on their age (kittens or seniors) and whether they are indoor or outdoor.

When you take money out of your pet's health equation, different treatment options may become available to you and your pet. Consider pet health insurance as an investment in your pets active lifestyle. Some policies cover all types of veterinary care, including checkups, immunizations, and flea control. Others, however, cover merely accidents and illnesses, requiring x-rays, medications, surgeries, hospitalization, MRI/CAT scans, chemotherapy, and more.

Why should I consider health insurance for my cat?

As veterinary fees keep increasing, cat health insurance reduces the financial danger of caring for your cat, especially if a greater problem or illness occurs. You can avoid costly out-of-pocket medical expenses and perhaps having to euthanize your kitty. It's also very affordable. Although plans differ in expense and magnitude of coverage, they generally run about $25 per month or less. Obtain coverage for a broad variety of accidents (burns, cuts, bone fractures, car accidents) and illnesses such as feline lower urinary tract disease, diabetes, and cancer.

What are the benefits of cat insurance?

Pet cat health insurance policies are more affordable than veterinarian investment programs, which charge high-interest rates. Many pet health insurance plans compensate preventative and emergency care, including shots, spaying, dental cleaning, lab tests, X-rays, surgery, and hospitalization. Most cat insurance companies insure for the life of your pet, and some pet insurance companies promote holistic pet health.

How does pet insurance work?

Policyholders typically pay their vet bill and then file claims for reimbursement. Most cat health insurance plans cover accident and illness, but not always frequent wellness care, such as flea control and immunizations. Most plans have coverage maximums for particular procedures, typically between $1,500 and $4,000 per incident. Though pets of any age usually can be covered, insurance premiums are often greater for older pets. Some insurance companies request a senior pet be seen by your veterinarian for a basic physical before they will provide cat health insurance coverage.

Pet Health Tips

Share the responsibility of caring for your cat with your children. Teach them the right way to live with their new adopted pet.

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