Prepare for Your New Kitten

Kittens take some time and patience when they are very young. Prepare yourself ahead of time with a kitten care checklist using the correct tools and nutritional food, kitten care is all that difficult. Here are some tips you can use to promote your kitten's health at home. Find out more about kitten Care including how to feed your kitten.

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Preparing kitten care for the new kitten season

Kitten season has finally arrived! After a half a dozen false starts with litters of kittens with mom's, the first batch of "bottle babies" is here. After a short call with the S.P.C.A., we are getting prepped for four 5-7 days old kittens. A local animal shelter contacted the S.P.C.A. to see if the had the ability to handle these little furry bundles of kitten-ness. Most facilities are unable to handle such young kittens and provide for proper kitten health, because without a mom, they do take some extra effort to nurse to health.

Mom cats are the best providers for kitten health, not only nurse their young, they also keep them warm and clean. Young kittens, need to be kept warm, because without sufficient heat, they are susceptible to hypothermia and may die. Being close to their mother's keep them warm to prevent that from happening. Kitten care from young mother cats includes keeping their kittens clean. Kittens are not the tidiest of little creatures, as they don't have any control over their bodily functions for some time. This means constant clean up "on aisle 3"! A warm washcloth to wipe away the poop and pee followed by a warm dry towel to wipe them up, takes care of this problem and keeps the kittens healthy.

Knowing we have 4 bottle babies that need our attention doesn't deter our resolve to help. It does means that through detailed preparation prior to their pick up, our job will be so much easier. With that in mind, we set up our kitten room prepped for the best kitten care ahead of time, ready for the new group of kittens.

Kitten care checklist for a litter of bottle baby kittens:

20 white cotton wash clothes
12 white cotton hand towels
10 white cotton bath towels
8 flannel baby receiving blankets
6 flannel baby blankets
6 "kitten baby" bottles
24 rubber nipples for the baby bottles
4 cans of kitten milk replacement
2 small wire top kitten crates
1 sungglesafe heating pad
1 bag of natural cat litter

We've collected this amount of pet health goodies over several years of being fosters for kittens, so it may look like a lot of stuff, but we just keep adding to our collection. Notice the "white" theme, the reason is simple, it's much easier to bleach clean all of the soiled linen and keep everything clean for the kittens. We wash everything, new and old, before we pick up the new kitten crew. Even though we clean the kitten supplies after each use, and keep all of the kitten supplies in a plastic tube for storage, it's nice to know that we can start out each kitten litter fresh.

Two hot tips for kitten care:

1. Any kitten milk replacement will work, but after talking with several veterinarians, and vet techs, we stick to KMR milk replacement by Pet Ag. They make this in powered form (KMR powder) and liquid (KMR liquid)in cans. We prefer the cans, the smaller the better as it stays fresher after opening.

2. A "Snugglesafe" heat pad for pets. This was quite a find a couple years ago. It's a heating disc that you put in the microwave to heat. What's great about this heat pad is that it will deliver a constant heat source for 4 to six hours! This is awesome to keep the kitten litter warm at night. Check out the Snuggle Safe.

3. Avoid clay litter. Clumping clay litter tends to stick to a kittens feet and since kittens put everything in their mouths, it then ends up in the stomach. Clay litter can cause digestive blockage so we use a natural pet litter made from wheat. S'wheat cat litter works fantastica with little kittens. Check out S'wheat natural wheat litter.

Being prepared really helps make it easier for both you and your new kitten. It's also a good idea to know how to feed a kitten. Just like any new baby, kittens tend to sleep, eat, and poop!

Pet Health Tips

Share the responsibility of caring for your cat with your children. Teach them the right way to live with their new adopted pet.

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