Foster Kittens

Week 2 - It is a great experience to watch the growth and development of our new kitten fosters. As the kitten world turns - Weeks 1 and 2

Kitten Development Foster Kittens Week 3

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Diary of Kitten Foster Parents

As the kitten journey continues - Weeks 1 and 2

Week one

Looks like the kittens are trying to open their eyes. This usually happens when they are about 7-10 days old. The next day their eyes have opened and look a bit opaque, but clear up with each passing day. As much work as it is caring for the kittens, the experience of watching them develop is so rewarding and amazing.

The middle-of-the-night kitten feedings continue. We are both a bit, how shall I say, on the tired side. However, we know within about another week or so, they will be sleeping through the night.

Two Weeks Later

The kittens eyes look great and their appetites have increased. The kittens are starting to play with each other - it looks like they are being filmed in slow motion. Our foster kittens are getting cuter by the day. They are also starting to sleep through the night. YEA!!! Ooops, spoke too soon. Just when we thought we could sleep through the night the kittens decided to show us who is really in control and woke up for a 3:00 AM feeding.

They are growing quickly and are getting to big for their crate. Time for them to sleep in their kitten cage which is where they will sleep for the duration of their days with us. The kitten cage was a great investment. It's easy to clean, and it is easy to sanitize between kitten litters. We also know it will keep the kittens safe - especially when they are so small and can not see very well. We continue to use the Snugglesafe (heating disc) in addition to draping fleece blankets and sheets over the cage at night to keep them warm.

We have found when the kittens are this little that ferret beds and accessories work great. We have plenty of small enclosures (such as a ferret castle) they can sleep in to help them feel secure. When they get a little bit older, we will keep them in a room during the day. The room has a floor that can be steamed cleaned or bleached. Although they will learn how to use the litter box, well, let's just say, accidents happen.

During the first week, we try not to handle the kittens too much. We feed the kittens and clean them, but that's about it. During the second week when we were handling them and rubbing their tummies to help them digest their food, they started purring. At this point, we started touching the kittens more to try and help socialize them.

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Pet Health Tips

Keep the kittens clean to help avoid infections. The kittens are susceptible to infections since they are not getting antibodies from their mother's milk.

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