Foster Kittens

Week 3 - The adventures of Dani, Simone, Lambert and Ana (collectively the kittens) continue.

Kitten Development Foster Kittens Weeks 4 and 5

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Diary of Kitten Foster Parents

Week 3

The kittens are getting fat kitten bellies. This is one of the best parts of fostering kittens - watching their little bellies grow. Lambert is a pig and is now definitely the largest of the kittens. We have nicknamed him Fat Bert. Ana is the runt, but she is eating great. She is just adorable. We were thinking of renaming her Dumbo because her ears are just way to big for her head, but didn't want any potential adoptive parents to have second thoughts about adopting her. Simone and Dani are as cute as can be and they were the first two to learn how to climb towards the door on the cage, but they try really hard to be good little girls.

We decided to introduce the litter box this week and put the litter box into the cage. It is amazing how the kittens instinctively know to use the litter box. They are all trying so hard and, although not 100% successful, they understand. We do not use nor does our shelter recommend using clumping clay litter. If ingested, it could form a hard gummy ball in the kitten and could cause problems. The litter can be ingested as easily as when the kittens groom themselves. Our litter of choice is Swheat Scoop Natural litter, and this particular litter is recommended for kittens.

The kittens are getting quite active, and we have been holding and petting them a lot more than we did during the first week. There's sure a lot of purring going on. Once we start to play with them, we will be sure to use only toys when they go to grab or bite. We don't want them to think our hands are play toys. It is so easy to let the kittens grab you when they are at this age because they are so tiny and cute, but they won't be tiny forever, and it will no longer be cute.

They are starting to play with each other more. It's pretty fun to watch especially when they are trying to stalk each other because they don't quite have the timing down yet. They are becoming very entertaining.

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Pet Health Tips

Only purchase litter that is recommended for kittens or ask your vet for suggestions. Kittens will eat litter and it is important to have litter that is safe for kittens.

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