Pet Gates

Pet gates offer you security for both you and your pets. You can use them to keep your pets away from dangerous areas, stairs, furniture, or small children. Pet gates keep your kittens, puppies, or senior pets out of harm's way.

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Pet Gates: A Solid Choice for Senior Pets

Older pets can often have difficulty seeing or moving about easily. Accidents due to impaired vision and lack of mobility can result in costly pet care bills and cause your beloved pet unneeded pain and suffering. Many pet owners use specially-designed pet gates to restrain their senior pets and protect them from dangerous areas and possible falls. To ensure pet health and safety, it is essential to choose the right pet gate for your pet's needs.

Several general types of pet safety gates are available. Each type is designed to block off a specific type of area, so choosing between them is usually not difficult.

Free-standing pet gates, as their name indicates, stand without being anchored to walls or other surfaces. Their unique U-shape provides security and ensures that your pet will not be able to tip the gate over. These are the most portable and least damaging gates for your home.

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Pressure-mounted pet gates use tension to hold them in place; they require walls, posts, or other solid surfaces on each side. While no drilling, nails, or screws are required to install this type of gate, it can often leave dents and marks on softer surfaces.

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Hardware-mounted pet gates are the most stable, and are usually screwed or nailed into the walls. The most permanent type of pet gate, they also provide the most protection against accident falls or escapes. The drawback to these very secure gates is the difficulty in moving and removing them; marks and holes remain in walls or posts after the gate has been removed, and must be repaired at that time.

Once you’'e determined which type of gate is best for your pet's needs, you'll need to consider how active and mobile your dog or cat is. An older dog will probably be deterred by a gate of relatively low height, while an active cat may try jumping over even a moderately tall gate. Since cats generally have a propensity for climbing, tightly-woven polymer composite mesh gates have been designed especially to thwart this tendency. Some hardware-mounted pet gates can even be installed one above the other like Dutch doors in order to provide a complete barrier for climbing and jumping pets.

Common areas that can be blocked for the protection of senior pets are staircases, hallways, and doorways. Preventing access to hazardous areas can avoid mishaps and injuries, and prevent worry and stress for both you and your pet. Investing in a well-constructed pet gate can be a proactive part of your pet care regimen.

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