Pet Ramps

Pet ramps provide increased mobility for both you and your senior pets. You can use them to help your pets away up stairs, furniture, or into a vehicle. Pet ramps keep your kittens, puppies, or senior pets mobile and ease their access to their favorite locations.

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Pet Ramps: Mobility For Senior Pets

Pets age much like their owners, with conditions like arthritis setting up making mobility difficult. When this occurs, assisting your pet with climbing up and down from furniture, stairways, and other obstacles can be accomplished by using a pet ramp. Senior pets can benefit greatly from the use of pet ramps.

Pet ramps are specially designed with your senior pet in mind. Designed to provide a sturdy, durable, and slip free surface to aid your pet in navigating obstacles while minimizing pain. A good pet ramp will be constructed from a lightweight and durable material such as plastic or aluminum. The walking surface will be covered in a non-slip surface such as rubber or carpeting and the slope should be adequate to scale the obstacle at hand, yet gradual enough to prevent pain. Beware of cheaper, poorly constructed models, as these tend to collapse or warp and could potentially cause harm to your pet.

Pet Steps: A Mobility Alternative To Pet Ramps

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Pet ramps allow elderly pets to continue to enjoy their independent mobility. The ramp allows your pet to remain mobile while protecting the joints from additional pain and damage caused by jumping. Structures affected by jumping include the knee joint, hips and back. Using a pet ramp can assist elderly dogs with hip dysplasia, vertebral disc disease, lumbar instability, arthritis, and many other conditions get access to furniture as well as avoid stairways.

Common uses for pet ramps include furniture access, stairways, and tub access. Senior pets can use pet ramps to obtain access to their owners' beds, the couch, and any other piece of furniture that must be jumped up on. Also, elderly pets using a pet ramp will no longer need to hop from tread to tread. For ease of access to the bathtub, pet ramps can be used to help a senior pet over the side of the tub.

Well constructed pet ramps will add years to your pet's ability to stay mobile without the use of pain medications by preventing the deterioration of cartilage in arthritic pets and reduces pain and complications associated with other degenerative and debilitating diseases. And purchasing one is as easy as going to your local pet supply store or big box outlet. Online retailers also have a large selection of quality pet ramps you can choose from.

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