Pet Health Insurance Saves Money

The costs of all health plans are on the rise and the veterinary bills for your pet are no exception. Covering your pet with health insurance lowers the anxiety of pet ownership, while securing the future of your pet's health. Pet health insurance in their when your pet needs it the most, so you can give your pet the medical care and attention they deserve. Consider pet health insurance as an investment in your pets healthy lifestyle. Compare Pet Plans

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The Real Value of Pet Ownership - Your Pets Are Worth It!

While the debate rages about the U.S. health acre system overhaul and how it will eventually affect all Americans, pet owners face a different health care dilemma. Along with the rising cost of personal health care, every trip they take to the Vet cost them more money as well. Pet health insurance starts to look like a more viable option for pet owners.

Many veterinarians offer preventative medical services and alternative health plans for pets. These unique treatment options and lifesaving procedures vastly improve the quality of life for our family pets, but at what cost? These rapid advancements in veterinary medicine come from the technologies and treatments once reserved for human patients. Yet these improvements in pet care come at the cost of added expenses driving the zeros and decimals up in may vet bills.

The best way to lower pet care costs is to cover your pet with pet health insurance. Pet health insurance is evolving with new coverages to match the new treatment options available for pets. Most pet health insurance carriers offer injury or illness policies for as little as $30 a month. Some providers now offer policies for chronic care or long term illness, accidental death, and even cover lost or stolen pets.

Pet Health Insurance Tidbit

A recent study indicates that only 1% of pet owners in the United States insure their pets with pet insurance, compared with 20% of pet owners in the United Kingdom. Pet owners in the United States believe that pet insurance is too expensive, however a good insurance plan WILL result in lower veterinary costs over the entire life of your pet.

Pet owners feel the connection with their animals and treat them as members of the family. Since many people feel this way, they want to keep their pets healthy and alive for as long as possible. As pets age, the face the same health challenges as their owners, and this can result in higher vet costs for pet health care. This increase in senior pets has driven the rise in the market for pet insurance, but is it really worth it?

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) National Pet Owners Survey recently reported that dog owners spent an average of $453 on vet bills for surgical costs alone from 2007-2008. The better pet health insurance plans usually cover 80% or more of the veterinary bill. If your pet insurance averages a cost of $25 a month as a premium, then one trip to the vet for surgery a year could easily recoup the cost of the annual bill.

Recent finding from the American Pet Products Association (APPA) confirms what millions of pet parents already know: life is better with a pet! The Value of pet ownership is that pets can actually help you lower your own health care costs.

The benefits of pet ownership often includes:

- A pet assists in lowering your blood pressure
- Owning a pet can decrease your daily stress levels
- Pet ownership helps to fight depression and loneliness

These reasons for pet ownership all help to reduce YOUR health care costs, so yes it's worth it to have a pet!

For most pet owners, the cost of pet health care is not a barrier to treatment, they would spend any amount of money to save their pet's life even if that means huge bills and added debt. A pet health insurance plan can reduce this potential financial burden by taking money as a barrier out of the equation in your pet's health care. The world of pet insurance deductibles and co-pays is far better than facing the sticker shock the total price for pet care.

Affordable Pet Insurance

Pet health insurance plans vary widely. With so many options to choose from, find the one that's afforable for you and right for your pet.

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